Sueño Jaguar 1


“Sueño Jaguar” is an artistic piece that represents a majestic jaguar in a dreamlike setting. The artwork combines pre-Columbian elements with cutting-edge digital aesthetics to create a striking image. The jaguar, a symbolic animal in many pre-Hispanic cultures, is depicted with a geometric texture, giving it a unique and modern look. The composition uses a palette of bright and contrasting colors that achieve a surprising visual effect.

The “Animals with Power” art series by digital artist Germán Molina features a collection of illustrations of iconic animals, such as the Jaguar, the Eagle, and the Toucan, blended with cutting-edge digital art techniques. Each piece captures the essence and symbolism of each animal, conveying its strength, wisdom, and power.

The collection invites the viewer to connect with nature and the animal kingdom, exploring the relationship between humanity and the natural world. Each piece is a unique interpretation of the animal, creating a striking and evocative visual experience. The collection is a showcase of Germán Molina’s creative talent and artistic vision, and is ideal for lovers of digital art and nature.

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34 x 48 cms, 70 x 100 cms, 90 x 125 cms


Papel Fotográfico, Lienzo


Marco, Retablo, Bastidor


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