Insectum 1


“Insectum” is a fascinating creation that combines organic shapes, soft colors, and symmetry with the image of various insects. Each element is carefully designed and placed in the composition, creating a sense of harmony and balance in the artwork. The insects are seamlessly integrated into the piece, giving them an air of elegance and delicacy. Overall, “Insectum” is a work that captivates the viewer’s gaze and transports them to a magical and fascinating world.

“The ‘Clarity’ collection features a soft and organic aesthetic with white backgrounds and pastel tones, creating a sense of tranquility and inner peace. Organic and symmetrical shapes intertwine with elements of nature such as leaves, feathers, branches, etc., creating a connection to the natural world and its perfect patterns. This collection is an invitation to enjoy the subtle beauty and harmony present in nature and within ourselves.”

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34 x 48 cms, 70 x 100 cms, 90 x 125 cms


Papel Fotográfico, Lienzo


Marco, Retablo, Bastidor


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