Geometric Orbit 1


“Geometric Orbit” is a combination of modern geometric shapes and vibrant colors. The use of rich and deep colors gives the artwork a natural and organic feel, while the geometric shape provides a sense of order and control. This work is an example of how digital art can be used to create unique beauty.

“Cosmic Garden” is an impressive blend of organic elements and digital technology. The collection draws inspiration from nature, the universe, sacred geometry, and symmetry, which have been reinterpreted by the artist using cutting-edge digital techniques.

The pieces in the collection have a mystical and spiritual feel that reflects the connection of pre-Columbian cultures with nature and cosmology.

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34 x 48 cms, 70 x 100 cms, 90 x 125 cms


Papel Fotográfico, Lienzo


Marco, Retablo, Bastidor


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