Ancestros Visionarios 2-1


“Visionary Ancestors” is a piece that combines pre-Columbian elements with cutting-edge digital techniques. The work features a human figure surrounded by symbols and elements characteristic of Colombian pre-Columbian culture, such as gold pieces and geometric patterns. The human figure in the center of the work represents a connection to the gods and nature, and is presented with a futuristic and technological aesthetic.

“Sueño Precolombino” is an impressive blend of pre-Columbian elements and digital technology. The collection draws inspiration from the gold pieces of the Colombian pre-Columbian cultures such as the Tairona and Quimbaya, which have been reinterpreted by the artist using cutting-edge digital techniques.

The pieces in the collection have a mystical and spiritual air that reflects the connection of pre-Columbian cultures with nature and cosmology.

Weight N/A
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34 x 48 cms, 70 x 100 cms, 90 x 125 cms


Papel Fotográfico, Lienzo


Marco, Retablo, Bastidor


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